Kumi Hiroi and Tijl Akkermans are BIG FIELDMAN’s driving forces. ‘Hiroi’ means BIG in Japanese and ‘Akkermans’ means FIELDMAN in Dutch. Our BIG FIELD encompasses our national and international clients, us and specialists to collaborate with and our many services.  

We believe in effective design solutions. We take time to listen our clients’ challenges, discuss various strategies and design custom-made concepts. When a client poses various questions, we answer with one fitting solution.

Each projects presents different challenges. For larger projects, we hand-pick our specialists to fit each concept and we manage our teams as well as the overall design process. For smaller projects, we execute all the design by ourselves. Our BIG FIELD invites our clients to reap what we have sown.

Tijl Akkermans excels in conceptual thinking, strategy development and team management. He develops custom-made concepts by listening to his clients and asking the right questions, while maintaining an overview of the overall design process.
Since 2016, Tijl owns a design studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before, he co-owned Zinnebeeld, a design studio in Rotterdam, and worked as senior designer at Thonik, a design studio in Amsterdam. He graduated in graphic design from the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. Tijl was born in Amsterdam.

Kumi Hiroi’s strength lies in storytelling. Her contents oriented way of working, artistic inspiration and eye for detail result in designs with a strong conceptual basis. In addition to her experience with both print and digital media, her curiosity towards materials and production methods adds distinctive character to her designs.
Since 2010, Kumi owns a design studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before, she worked at several international design studio’s and did an internship in Sweden. Kumi graduated in graphic design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and Economics at the Saitama University in Japan. Her roots lie in Gifu, Japan.

Kumi is also artist. Her artist site: kumihiroi.com
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