The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) promotes access quality early childhood development for Roma and Traveller children, professionalism in early years services, and a better representation of Roma and Travellers in the workforce. REYN headquarter is based in the Netherlands and they work together with organisations which shares the same goal located in 11 different countries in Europe.

The Dream to Grow campaign shares 11 stories of success. It highlights what happens when there is a diverse early childhood workforce and how a little support can go a long way in the life of a child if we all: Recognize each child’s unique potential, encourage their dreams, and help them blossom. Ensure equity for Roma students at all levels of education and access to professions in the early childhood field. Yield inclusive work environments that embrace diversity and create opportunities for professionals to grow and make their voices heard. Nurture professionalism and belonging among all Roma early childhood professionals — valuing their contribution to the field. 
The design highlights the statistics relating to the problems that await Roma children, as well as the issues that vary from country to country. 

Project Management: Francesca Colombo, Aljosa Rudas Communication: Emily Henry
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