Museum No Hero presents art works related to the historical and social context of 'Women of Japan'. It sees Japan through the eyes of five Japanese women. Their insights about their lives in Japan are combined with the stories behind the artworks: ranging from kimonos from the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam to the Three Fates by Miwa Yanagi (2008) from the collection of Sammlung Philara. Together they give a picture of the country.

EXHIBITION: 24.02.19 to 01.09.19. CURATOR: Gemma Boon Assistant curator: Moos Engelbertink Photographer: Annabel Jeering Make-up: Philippa Veer Jeuring Model: Sae Honda, Authors: Adinda Akkermans, Gemma Boon, Moos Engelbertink, Rob Rietberg, Kris Schiermeier, Asa Splinter, Huub Vlemmings and Maureen de Vries Illustration: Jun Cen 
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